Capital & Space Planning

The Capital & Space Planning office has a variety of responsibilities, including:

  • Leading the University capital planning process for development and adoption of a one-year capital budget and five-year capital plan.
  • Coordinating the Provost’s Capital Planning Group and the Capital Funding & Priorities Committee (CF&PC), two senior administration committees responsible for the strategic university priorities for capital activity and approval of major capital projects, and the Space Use Advisory Committee, a senior administration committee responsible for oversight of space management initiatives.
  • Facilitating the processes that identify capital and space needs and developing strategic plans to address, prioritize and sequence those needs while establishing a viable funding plan.
  • Managing space utilization studies and space needs analyses to inform broad campus planning efforts as well as individual project strategies.
  • Establishing and monitoring space-related processes, policies and guidelines, and incentives to promote and achieve efficient use of space on campus.
  • Representing the university perspective through participating in the broad variety of planning, approval, and implementation processes for capital  and space management activities on the Ithaca campus.