Space Request Forms

Existing, Cornell-owned space must be utilized as effectively as possible in order to support desired growth.  Any endeavors that require additional space should be addressed first within a unit’s current allocation, then within the unit’s lead college or division.  A space request form should be submitted when space in addition to current college or division holdings is required.   All requests will be reviewed by the Director of Capital and Space Planning and then directed to the Space Use Advisory Committee for final review, endorsement, and comment if warranted.

Forms, both a long and short space request form, are available.  Please read the description of each and submit the form most appropriate to your situation. If leasing space, additional guidance can be found in the description of the Leased Space Approval Process.  Directions are provided at the top of each form. Contact the Director at if you have questions.

All submissions require the signature of an appropriate dean, vice president or vice provost before they will be considered.


Request for Allocation of Space (doc | pdf)
Complete and submit this form for most space requests. Complete as much of the form as you can, at a level of detail that you believe will be most helpful to describing the situation and need. The form is designed to capture a very wide range of space requests, so not every field may be relevant to every request.

Notice of Programmatic Space Need (doc | pdf)
Complete and submit this form if you are aware of a space need but do not yet have many details or in several lease situations. Submittal of this form will provide early notification to the Space Use Advisory Committee and the Space Planner of an impending need for space. If specifics of the situation are understood, complete the Request for Allocation of Space, as it provides more information that helps in resolving the need.

Program Template with Directions (xls | pdf)
The Program Template is a fairly simple excel spreadsheet that can be used to outline the types of spaces needed, the size of the spaces, key adjacency issues, etc. It can be used to think through a specific request in more detail. The completed template can be submitted as supporting documentation for a space request.