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Space Use Advisory Committee

May 9, 2019 May 1, 2019
June 27, 2019 June 19, 2019
September 5, 2019 August 28, 2019
November 13, 2019 November 5, 2019

 In recognition of the importance of space management, the Provost has charged a Space Use Advisory Committee (SUAC) to reinvigorate the campus approach toward space.   The SUAC is responsible for:

  • Developing policies, procedures and other recommendations concerning the use and renovation of space and the allocation of existing space,
  • Recommending allocations of University space, including off-campus leased space, and
  • Developing procedures to synchronize unit space planning during the annual capital plan development process.


Mary-Lynn Cummings Director of Capital and Space Planning; Budget & Planning
Emmanuel Giannelis Vice Provost for Research
Barbara Knuth Senior Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
Mary Opperman Vice President for Human Resources
Kellie Page Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration; Student & Campus Life
Rick Burgess  Vice President of Infrastructure, Properties and Planning
Paul Streeter
Vice President of Budget and Planning
Jeremy Thomas Senior Director, Cornell Real Estate; Infrastructure, Properties and Planning

Charge to the Committee

The Provost charges the Space Use Advisory Committee with developing policies, procedures and other recommendations concerning the use and renovation of space, the allocation of existing space, and planning for future allocation needs. The SUAC will make recommendations on all allocations of University space, including off-campus leased space.

The Space Use Advisory Committee will:

  • Develop space management principles to provide a consistent framework to (1) allocate space, (2) plan for future space needs of the organization, and (3) manage Cornell space effectively and efficiently.
  • Recommend a University process for reallocation of space and develop memorandum of understanding templates and procedures to engender trust and transparencies for space transactions.
  • Revise Policy 2.7, Reporting the Use of Facilities.
  • Update the Cornell space guidelines to reflect current best practices in higher education related to the size of spaces, utilization rates, and building/space type efficiencies.
  • Develop procedures that require accountability to the Cornell space guidelines for capital projects that create new space or change use of existing space.
  • Develop procedures that require units to update space plans during the annual capital plan development process.
  • Develop standard reports to enhance transparency and consistency.
  • Recommend improvements to the facilities inventory system and evolution toward a space management system.
  • Provide advice and counsel to the director of Space Planning, the manager of Facilities Inventory and the manager of Indirect Cost and others with regard to interpretation of policies.
  • Serve as the executive group for space utilization studies, to provide uniformity in approach and interpretation.
  • Develop mechanisms to share best practices within Cornell, with academic peers and within professional organizations.