Summer Project Activity

Coordinating Summer Project Activity and Minimizing Impact on Summer Events

The Advance Scheduling Procedure is intended to increase access to classroom and event space during the summer season, academic breaks, and weekends to support mission-driven activities of the institution and promote more efficient use of campus space in accordance with the Cornell University Space Management Principles. An intended outcome of this Procedure is to increase use of rooms on campus during the summer as well as during other academic breaks. The summer intensification needs to be carefully coordinated with facilities project work, which can often be at a peak during the summertime.

Annually, the Chair of the Summer Operations Committee will issue a call for projects to identify facilities projects that could impact summer events.   The call for projects hopes to identify any project under discussion, or in planning, design or construction phases that may impact navigating around campus (e.g., pavement, sidewalk, façade, roofing, etc. projects) as well as those actually impacting interior and exterior event spaces, either directly or indirectly through noise, egress changes, utility shut-downs, etc. Given the concentration of events normally scheduled for some buildings, the call for projects focuses on these buildings:


Anabel Taylor (2038) Corson-Mudd (1019A, E, W) Morrison (1064)
Bailey (1024, 1024A) Hollister (2046) Plant Science (1022)
Barnes (2009) Ives (1009) Statler Hall & Auditorium (2033)
Barton (1001) Kennedy (1080S) Upson (2045)
Biotechnology (1018) Kimball (2037A) Uris (2087)
Comstock (1081) Malott (2081) Weill (1014)

The period of greatest concern is the end of spring final exams (mid-May) through fall semester residence hall move-in.   Five-year projections are encouraged, even when plans are uncertain and still in development.

The University space planner supports the chair of the SOC to achieve optimal coordination of project and event activities in furtherance of the objectives of the Advance Scheduling Procedure.


Summer Operations Committee

Chair: Leslie Schill

The SOC is an informal forum consisting of staff from Infrastructure, Properties and Planning (IPP) and campus-based units that support events and major summer activities, including Cornell University Police, Environmental Health & Safety, Student and Campus Life, Commencement, Reunion, Summer Camps, Continuing Education, International Programs and others.

IPP representatives attend if they have work that will affect the infrastructure of the campus (roads, sidewalks, utilities) in a way that will impact the pedestrian and vehicle traffic during the implementation of the scope of work. IPP representatives also represent facility renovation and construction projects that may impact event spaces. IPP Transportation is always present at the meetings.

The process has been for the IPP staff to present upcoming projects to the campus community in order to inform as well as receive feedback about the programmatic/pedestrian/traffic needs that may be impacted by the projects.  The IPP representatives can sometimes make adjustments to projects to reduce conflicts, especially when potential conflicts are brought forward for conversation early in planning.