Capital Approvals Resources

Project Approvals Calendar

The project approvals calendar establishes submission deadlines and meeting dates for capital project approval committees, including CF&PC and the Buildings and Properties Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Policy 3.9, Capital Assets

This policy outlines how the university complies with government regulations and accounting industry standards, and how it supports accurate reporting of the physical assets used to conduct its mission.

Policy 4.2, Transaction Authority and Payment Approval

To protect the interests and manage the risks of the university, the Board delegates authority to specific individuals to undertake transactions with external parties. In addition, the Board provides for the appropriate review of all transactions by establishing payment approval. Includes:

  • Appendix C: Transaction Authorities for Real Estate and Facility–Related Matters
  • Appendix D: Facilities-Related Capital Project Approval Authorities, Ithaca Campus Units
  • Appendix E: Capital Project Approval Authorities, Weill Cornell Campus Units

Managing Capital Activity
A description of the major oversight and control points for campus capital Activity. Includes approval thresholds for capital information technology systems.