Scheduling-Related Policies

Several Cornell policies and procedures define the opportunities, as well as the rules and requirements, that govern the scheduling of events and classes.   The source documents contain the full details, relevant definitions, and appropriate contacts.

These policies are intended to increase access to classroom and event spaces to support mission-driven activities of the institution and promote more efficient use of campus space in accordance with the Cornell University Space Management Principles approved by the Capital Funding & Priorities Committee in April 2012.

Academic and Event Scheduling

This policy supports access to classroom and event spaces to support mission-driven activities of the institution, through guidelines, processes and procedures to:

  • Implement the faculty’s goal of ensuring that students have as much flexibility as possible in developing their schedules so that they can access the full range of educational opportunities offered by the university.
  • Reduce barriers associated with meeting pattern and time-of-day conflicts.
  • Distribute classes evenly throughout the day, thus providing the greatest possible number of non-conflicting time patterns.
  • Promote fair and efficient stewardship of institutional resources, including classroom facilities, equipment, technical support staff, and administrative staff associated with room scheduling activities.
  • Approval for Events on Campus

    This policy identifies the process by which events are reviewed and approved, including key roles and responsibilities associated with the process.  It codifies the Event Registration Process which connects event planners with university officials in order to promote information sharing, manage risks, and increase successful outcomes associated with events.

    Fees for Internal Users of Cornell Physical Space

    This policy establishes consistent procedures to determine and charge space rental fees to internal users.  It describes the circumstances under which a fee may be charged.   An Interdepartmental Fee Committee approves the amount of space rental fees.