Operating Budget

Information will be posted prior to budget opening.

The University Budget Office (UBO) defines the process, maintains the budgeting schedule, assists with the tools, and the training that supports the annual development of departmental and unit operating budgets.

General Schedule (see details in Cycle Dates):


January After budget assumptions are approved by the Board of Trustees, the budget system opens for budgeting transactions.
February Budget process continues…
March System closes to department level users to allow for College/Unit level review of planned budget. The salary improvement process (SIP) commences.
April Development of the Trustee Budget by the UBO, SIP process continues.
May Board of Trustees meet to review and approve budget.
June SIP awards loaded to payroll to be effective July 1.
July Beginning of new fiscal year, load of budget data to General Ledger.


Planning Assumptions

Organization Budget Narrative Fiscal Year 2024-25