Capital Budget

The Division of Budget and Planning produces an annual capital budget based on inputs from and conversations with key campus partners, including the units and Facilities and Campus Services.  All capital needs and projects with a project value of $250,000 or greater are considered for the capital budget.

Capital projects proposed by the units for the annual capital budget are encouraged to align with the following principles and criteria:

Program needs should be met through the re-use and redevelopment of existing space without the addition of net new space.  Re-use and redevelopment should consider optimizing space that can be released through implementation of hybrid and remote work schedules, as determined by HR policy and process.

Plans and projects should consider synergies and coordination between needs and resources, including addressing maintenance and renewal needs.

Needs and projects may be submitted with undefined funding plans for capital, operating, and renewal costs.  Need identification and prioritization begins an important conversation that can then resolve funding concerns.

Important considerations in evaluating projects for inclusion in the budget include health, life safety, risk reduction, compliance, asset protection, critical maintenance, cost savings/avoidance, and select “mission critical” programmatic and infrastructure improvements.