Provost’s Capital Planning Group

Charge to the Committee

The Provost’s Capital Planning Group will develop and execute strategy to meet major capital needs, including deferred maintenance needs, for individual units and the campus as a whole.

  1. Develop and implement a strategy for identifying and prioritizing major capital needs, both physical and technological, for the Ithaca campus.
  1. Develop a recommended annual capital budget and a rolling five-year capital plan for approval by the Capital Funding and Priorities Committee and the Board of Trustees.
  1. Review space utilization and facility condition data to inform and shape future capital planning needs.
  1. Develop a strategic approach for facilities planning and addressing deferred maintenance.
  1. Solicit and analyze deferred maintenance plans for all colleges and units.
  1. Evaluate individual proposed capital projects to: assess need and proposed scope; available capacity; potential synergy, overlap, and conflict with other campus activities; and coordination with unit deferred maintenance plans.
  1. Approve the scope and scale of major capital project activity for further review and final campus approval by the Capital Funding and Priorities Committee.


Rick Burgess Vice President, Infrastructure, Properties, and Planning
Margaret Carney University Architect
Mary-Lynn Cummings
(Staff Support to Committee)
Director of Capital and Space Planning, Budget & Planning
Rayna Kalas Associate Professor, English
Mike Kotlikoff, Chair Provost
Ryan Lombardi Vice President, Student and Campus Life
Katherine McComas Vice Provost
Eduardo Peñalver Dean, Cornell Law School
Ben Renberg Senior Associate Vice President, Alumni Affairs and Development
John Siliciano Deputy Provost
Paul Streeter Vice President, Budget and Planning
Abe Stroock Director, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Steven Wolf Associate Professor, Natural Resources
J. Meejin Yoon Dean, Architecture, Art and Planning